Sep 30, 2016

Clash Royale Cheats Ready For New Update

Clash Royal, the complex and vastly popular mobile app game, has released a new update in September 2016. The new update is supposed to prevent the use of the multitude of hacks and Clash Royale cheats that are available to allow the enterprising gamer to win tournaments.

Supercell, the maker of the game, has also made it an objective of the update to create an easier environment for people who play the game to find tournaments that they are qualified to play in. This move is a direct response to user complaints.

The fix is also supposed to make the acquisition and use of cards that advance a player’s potential to win easier. The major problem according to players was that the Legendary cards did not update in a timely fashion for players to take advantage of the points they gained in a realistic time frame. Again, this is Supercell’s response to keep people playing.

The prediction that the use of Clash Royale hack will become less of an advantage is somewhat dubious. The many sites that promote the hacks that give a player free coins and resources as well as being able to target the exact card that a player wants or needs to win money all claim that they are ready with new tools that will be available as soon as the release of the hack proof version of Clash Royale.

The hacker’s claims appear to be supported by past experience. There are simply too many people hacking the game to think that Supercell can outwit them all. The game is relatively complex and that complexity opens the door for hackers. The use of the game by millions is another hacker advantage.

The new and supposedly safe update for Clash Royale that will prevent cheaters from making money is not likely to prevent Clash Royale cheats from retaining dominance in the game. The company still makes money and so does the people that use the cheats.